Rocket frog (Colostethus flotator)

Rocket frog (Colostethus flotator) * Family: Dendrobatidae, * Genus: Colostethus, * Species: C. flotator, * Class: Amphibia, * Type: Amphibian, * Diet: Omnivore, * Average life span in the wild: no data, * Size: 5 cm, * Weight: no data, * Habitat: The Rocket Frog lives in open forests and swamps, usually close to streams and ponds, * Life cycle: Female Rocket Frogs lay their eggs in a raft on the water surface where they float in a coat of jelly-like material before the tadpoles hatch into the water. ** Colostethus flotator is a terrestrial, diurnal frog found in humid lowlands of Costa Rica and Panama. It is generally very common and therefore considered to be of Least Concern by IUCN. The taxonomy is in need of a review, as it may consist of a complex of several species. More info: or


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