River Otters

One of the best days of my life. I get up at 6:15 for breakfast, do laundry get my gear ready, head out on a solo expedition to the lake (but really to find a glove I lost). I run into “Iceman” the resident fer-de-lance that can sometimes be seen and sometimes cant, then I am somewhere not familiar so I stop, pull out my GPS and then I hear something next to me look up to see what I referred to as a “dog monkey” upon returning and looking at a mammal key, turns out it was a tyra, THAT WAS SUPER EXCITING.. but the day has just begun! Cant find the gloves getting close to lunch time, so I head to the lake just to go take a peek, can smell cat urine on the way, and get to the lake.. thinking I saw a turtle head drop down I get excited to pull the boat out and as I am bent over to untie it, I hear the otters. No one has seen the otters for months, and it was thought they might have moved on! Here I am alone crouched down and witnessing these otters coming towards me to check out whats going on at the dock…( you can hear their “pfft” sound) I almost get hit by a Brazil nut (the size of a coconut) dropping from a tree 100 ft above me. so I get in the boat. They swim off, but I eat a chocolate bar and sit in the sun and let the wind and currents drag the boat around. Take pictures of the beautiful amazonian guppies, hoatzins and where the grasses are laid down possibly from the anaconda. Get to rowing back and hustling for lunch. Seeing lizards sun themselves and red squirrels


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