Ranitomeya Imitator Veradero/Jeberos (in HD) Thumbnail Poison Dart Frogs

Apologies for the quality, first time using new camera. First discovered in 2004 this is one of the most sought after in the dart frog hobby due to the stunning combination of orange, blue and black colouration. It is believed to mimic the orange-blue form (which is actually the nominate form) of the ranitomeya fantasica. The Varedero or Jeberos (US or Europe) is protected under Appendix ii of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (cites). This dartfrog is native to a small area of rainforest , a 45 minute walk south of Isla Varadero in Peru. They are highly arboreal, reuire a temp of approx 75F and near 100% humidity and have a beautiful birdlike thrill call.


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