Golden Poison Dart Frog This was filmed through glass at Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust on Jersey on 15th August 2010. This provides a good example of the HD quality of macro mode on the Kodak Zi6. Interestingly captive poison frogs loose all toxicity after a few years as the source of the toxin is not the frog itself, but the food it eats in the wild. This tends to suggest that frog is just a conduit for the poison and that the most toxic life form may actually be something that the frog eats. This would also tend to suggest that the frog was subject to evolutionary pressure to become immune to poison in order to allow it eat a wide range of poisonous ants and insects. Therefore the frogs toxicity is simply a useful by product of its diet. A great example of the amazing power of evolution! See http for more information on this amazing creature!


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