Eriks Paludarium climate control

Video of the climate conrol in my paludarium. A paludarium is something between an aquarium and a terrarium. Mine is 100cm high, and has 30cm water in it (with foureyed fish). This video shows an accelerated example of halogen- and led-lighted nighttime, dawn, daytime. Then follows thunder and rain, followed by daytime again, dusk, and once again night. In the final part of the video the red “spying light” is enabled (fish do not see red light). Finally the submerged spot (cyan and green) is switched on to a 100% then dims again. I get a lot of questions on the technical side of things. You can look at for more technical details about the contruction (in dutch but the pictures should give you an idea). The high-level controlling application sends out data which can be viewed at http .


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